Set Pin Authentication for Lync on DHCP Server

NOTE: I have attached the DHCPUTIL and all of the other required files with it, so you directly download them to your DHCP Server.

This is the shortest way to setup up Pin Authentication for Lync on the DHCP Server…

First Copy/Download all the DHCP Utilities content from Lync Front end server to DHCP server and run the following command line

Note: Make sure you run DHCP on Command line (CMD) as an administrator.

DHCPUtil.exe -SipServer –WebServer -RunConfigScript

On Lync Server make sure you run the following CMDLET on Lync powershell

set-CsRegistrarConfiguration -EnableDHCPServer $true

That’s it you should be all set after you ran this command line and you should be able to see the new DHCP options are showing in the DHCP server console.

To test the configuration you can run the same tool with a different parameter which will do the test for you, On a nother computer that’s not the “DHCP” open command prompt and run the following command line.

DHCPutil.exe -EmulateClient

Note: I’m attaching all the required files to this page below for download.


If you run the command and you get the error below, then you might have a missing step

DHCPUtil.exe -SipServer –WebServer -RunConfigScript

C:\Users\admin\Desktop>DHCPUtil.exe -EmulateClient

Starting Discovery …

Result: Failure = -2147014848


On the Lync Server run the command

set-CsRegistrarConfiguration -EnableDHCPServer $true

Again on Lync server “Not DHCP” run the DHCPUtil.exe -EmulateClient to test the configuration.

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