Exchange 2010 Console after DC migration stopped working

After DC migration and changing in the PDC and Schema master role server to the new DC and shut down the old DC for test. On Exchange 2010 server you might get the following error

An error caused a change in the current set of Active Directory settings. Restart The Exchange Management Console.

Exchange Console


Current deployment

  1. Exchange 2010
  2. New DC 2012 R2 with another Additional DC installed newly.
  3. Two DC 2008R2 but have been shut down for testing.


After you shutdown or demote the old PDC or Schema master Demote Domain Controller role, Microsoft Exchange Management Console fails to retrieve any Exchange information with error message β€œAn error caused a change in the current set of Active Directory Server settings. Restart Exchange Management console.”


Microsoft Exchange management console caches the data in the user’s profile for quick access, So whenever you try to open EMC from an existing Exchange admin profile you will get the same error.


Navigate to the following folder and delete the Exchange Management Console file.

%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\MMC\Exchange Management Console


Close EMC and reopen it and you should be done.

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