Script to delete all DPM 2019 recovery points

The Story

I have DPM server deployed and I got couple of Exchange Servers and with about 2 TB of data.

I scheduled DPM to backup Exchange four days a week, then I used the deduplication command to make a use of non used space. however that didn’t give me enough space.

As an alternative I planned to delete the recovery points each start of every month.

The script provided by Microsoft’s article about DPM here doesn’t really provide anyhow on how to delete a protection group with multiple recovery points.

After spending lots of digging I tried to create my own script.


Please use this script with caution as it delete every Protection Group’s Recovery Points.

If you need custom script to delete recovery points for a specific date please don’t hesitate to send me an email.


$pgList = Get-ProtectionGroup $env:COMPUTERNAME

ForEach($pg in $pgList) {

  $dsList = Get-Datasource -ProtectionGroup $pg

  ForEach($ds in $dsList) {

    $RP = Get-DPMRecoveryPoint -Datasource $ds; $RP
        foreach ($P in $RP){
           Remove-DPMRecoveryPoint -RecoveryPoint $p -Confirm:$false -forcedeletion
  } }


If you think this script has a mistake or can be improved please leave a comment or drop me an email.


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