Configure Outlook Autdiscover in GPO

To configure Outlook autodiscover in Active directory we’ll have to do the following

First open Group Policy Management from Administrator tools, After you have opened GPO you will want to create a new GPO for this purpose then follow the steps down to continue with the configuration:

1- Create a new GPO under any OU “Organization unit” you want to apply the GPO on. Then right click on it and click on Edit…

Under User configuration -> policies -> Administrative templates: Policy right click and click “add/remove templates…”

Click Add… and browse to the Office 2010 template (I’m attaching these files below) or you can just google them.

4- Under Administrative Templates: Policy Definitions – > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) click on MS Outlook 2010 -> Exchange and on the right pane.

Enable Automatically configure profile based on AD Primary. And Enable Configure outlook anywhere user interface options.

These steps are optional but they’ll force opening outlook in order to configure it after the Client’s PC restarts.

5- When done go to User Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Scripts -> double click on Logon on the right pane

Click on Add

Browse then

Copy the below batch file to this location and attach it ” \\\SysVol\\Policies\{34E9C6C2-FCCF-45DA-908D-65A452D049F3}\User\Scripts\Logon”

When PCs restart they’ll take the new configuration.


The Outlook.txt file is the script that will be launching the Outlook configuration panel, you will need to rename the extension file from .txt to outlook.bat before uploading it to the location in the article.

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